Major Influence Of Technology To Our Life


Technology is a major component of our life. Advances in technology influenced various aspects of our lives especially in the way we do things, we function at work, we communicate, and in almost everything we do today. Companies, banks, offices, businesses, and individuals use different types of technologies every day.

For centuries, technologies also greatly evolved. From the simple things that will make doing things easier, some things were discovered for survival, and of course, to win wars. But now, most of the technologies developed were designed to improve the quality of our life. Advances in medical technology made treatments of various diseases more efficient and effective. The development of electronic gadgets made communications easier and faster. All these discoveries have greatly influenced the way we live today.

Aside from technologies for health and lifestyle purposes, one of the major influences of technology is in business. With the advent of computer and the internet, a lot of businesses were able to reach wider market and take advantage of more effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies. Conventional, brick-and-mortar businesses developed their own websites so they can also get a share of the World Wide Web market while some businesses do not even use conventional marketing methods anymore like television commercials and print ads, and only focused on internet marketing for their business.

business_comms_header_1Through computer, internet, and information technology, it is now easier and more possible for people to start a small business and earn income even at home through their own small home-based businesses. People just make products, sell and market their products online, and they are already earning steady income.

Service-based businesses are also thriving online. Through their own websites, target customers can now see what their business can offer and with a simple click, customers can book for services and also pay for it right away, online.

If you are one of those million people today who are aspiring to start a small business online, one of the widely used and proven medium for an effective marketing is social media. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are major social media sites that every business, small or big, should be able to connect to so they can improve their business presence online and make their products known to millions of online users.

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How Technology Changed Your Lives

internet-of-things-IoTPeople discovered electricity and the steam engine, and then – there was a real explosion of discoveries. Ever since then, everything that people constantly use has been improved and further developed, so that you can use now performant appliances that make your life so much easier.

From the first light bulb ever made to the latest performant computer, there has been a sinuous road of successes and failure, where scientists have tried different ways to improve something. Now, there are available plenty of options for every item that you use – the TV, the fridge, the light bulbs, the toaster, the dish washer, the computer, laptops, tablets and smart phones but also other things that surround you.

Here’s how technology influenced the lives of people through inventions, discoveries and constant improvements.

In Health

This area is one where many scientists and doctors are constantly working for the benefit of everyone. The developments made in this domain have to do with both medicine and technology, because today there are plenty of medical devices that involve technology.

healthFor example, the anesthetic was invented some time ago, and due to technology there are now available different methods and substances used in anesthesia. Apart from this, there are also machines that supervise the vital signs of the patient when he or she is under total anesthesia – this thing wasn’t possible in the beginning.

Apart from this, through technology there were invented new prosthetic devices and implants that offer patients the possibility to live a normal life. This is used in different domains, and the devices used are for replacing a tooth (the easiest implant procedure), a broken bone or a missing limb – prosthetic devices.

In Lifestyle

When you think about lifestyle, you usually consider all the material advantages that you could have for a better life. Well, thinking of technology should determine you to consider all those things that make your life easier at home.

The HVAC system is made to ensure that you have a comfortable temperature in your environment – warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This was a remarkable invention, and it has been improved ever since it was designed. Now, you have AC units that look like paintings or light appliances, radiators that could be just a spot of color on the wall and so on.

Apart from this, your kitchen and your bathroom are the places where you use different appliances – the washing machine, the dryer, the dishwasher, the boiler for hot water and so on. Each of these items can now be found in a multitude of options, so you can choose any model that you want.

In Finances

Today there are different currencies for different countries, but everyone has the possibility to transfer money from one place to another, the change one currency into another without losing too much time.

financeThe banks have now secured paying methods and secured credit cards that you can safely use in any part of the world. You don’t have to carry cash anymore, because the credit card that you have is linked directly to your bank account and the transfer (for payment or for withdraw) is immediate.

You also have the possibility to access your bank account directly from the online environment, without going to the bank. Their websites are easy to access and you can do it from both the computer and a mobile device, being optimized for these too. With a card reader issued by your bank, every financial operation is now possible in just a few minutes.

Everyone uses technology with or without being conscious of it, but keep in mind that everything that you have around you was influenced by the desire to have a better life.